A software development partner that you can count on

Our risk-free cooperation model delivers maximum efficiency by granting you full transparency and control over the software development process.
We are here to help you build your software, and do it with precision, expertise, confidence and excellence in all the aspects down the road.

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Why DevSymmetrix?

DevSymmetrix is a software services company. We help our clients build different kinds of software, with the main emphasis on custom-tailored CRM & ERP systems. And of course, we also build the most frequently and commonly used things like: mobile applications, embedded software, java service software, etc.
We put teams together to either augment existing engineering teams for customers or to be able to take you idea written on a napkin and completely put it together and make something that will make you happy!
We will help you scale up your businesses to achieve their goals and increase ROI by handpicking professionals from highly skilled Ukraininan IT labor market, to make the software development process smooth and easy.
When it comes to technical expertise, one of our main emphases is developing systems of high complexity from scratch and supporting them afterwards if needed. The best example of high complexity system would be a tailored-made CRM or ERP system.

Our Credo is: Full Transparency & Excellent Quality.
  • calendar2016

    3 years in the game and more than a dozen US-based satisfied customers

  • wall-clock40h

    Average number of hours our clients save per employee each month, after they’ve started using our services

  • startup15%

    Average revenue increase within a year for the clients using our CRM expertise

  • star4.8 stars

    Feedback rate from our existing customers and 90% retention rate

Our traits

  • mobileNo to bureaucracy, yes to flexibility
  • scaleQuick progress and high scalability
  • usersExceptionally personalized service
  • giftTransparent cost structure
  • medalUltimate quality at moderate prices
  • recruitmentEffective and full control recruitment process
  • conversationStreamlined communication

Our Experience

Logistic CRM System

The solution that was created for a large U.S. transportation provider dealing with huge set of data that needed to be properly arranged and manipulated with to be transformed into analytical system that would forecast potential strong and weak points in long-established work process. We’ve built a CRM System that was aimed to bring a vast improvement into customer’s rapid revenue and employee growth. Through analyzing the essential data, the solution helped the client see the changes that needed to be done to adjust the familiar workflow.

Learn more about CRM System

Our Services

Development: Web, Desktop, Mobile, Enterprise

We design, develop and implement bespoke solutions that deliver exceptional customer experience, drive brand loyalty and business growth. We specialize in designing user interfaces, creation of native mobile, desktop & web applications, and providing enterprise and B2B solutions for businesses. We meticulously assemble the team to the needs of a specific project. Our clients choose us because we stick to transparency in all the processes and always listen to your business needs and feedback.

Our Leadership

We believe that combined experience and talent is the key. That’s why we surround ourselves with people who are not satisfied with the status quo and are always striving to improve. Our leadership has vast working experience and profound knowledge in different areas of the IT sector which enables them to see the whole picture from many angles and collaborate with clients in the most productive way possible.

It’s all about the people, and we are happy working together with such self-motivated, skillful and friendly colleagues!

Actual Human Resources

  • In-house team

    experienced staff members

  • Talent pool

    of the best Ukrainian IT specialists

How we work

  • Design

    Technology selection including in-depth analysis of your requirements to help you choose the best option for your case. This is the phase where a client gets an estimate from us based on the work scope to be delivered. We will also suggest the milestones dates and realistic deadlines.

  • Development

    Actual coding in compliance with the best coding practices and following an approach preferred by your team or the best one that suits your needs: Waterfall, Scrum, Kanban, etc. This phase also includes producing a detailed summary that identifies key issues and risks, as well as possibilities for improvement.

  • Testing

    Improve the quality of your product, save costs and shorten your time-to-market with our Quality Control services by performing thorough quality control that starts with deep testing of requirements and goes up to performance and security testing.

  • Launch

    Once the coding and testing phases are over, the launch phase begins. It includes installing software on your local and / or live system (if needed), testing on your end, making sure everything works and is ready for usage on your side.

Our Geographic Presence

Our Geographic Presence

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